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Governing Documents

RHA conducts all business and positional proceedings according to the RHA constitution. This highlights positional duties of the RHA Executive Board and procedure for business for General Body and within the interest of benefiting residents. This constitution is able to be viewed below and can amended through the processes of legislation. For any questions regarding the constitution or legislation please email the RHA parliamentarian in the contact section!

Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 11.29.10 AM.png


Legislation is enacted when changes are proposed 

to be made to the RHA Constitution, legislation is

presented to the general body to be voted on and amended if it is passed. Any RHA member is allowed to submit legislation for review!

**Do not be afraid to submit legislation** Our

Parliamentarian is here to guide you through the 

process and ensure everything is correct. 

Legislation gets passed during General Body meetings! More information about General Body meetings can be found here!

Legislation Proposal Guidelines: HERE

Every RHA member is allowed to propose legislation, if you have legislation to propose or have any questions about our governing documents, please contact the RHA Parliamentarian!

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