Leadership Development

In our avid pursuit to build leaders on our campus, we as the Residence Hall Association offer many opportunities for aspiring student leaders to learn and grow. This is accomplished through workshops, shadowing an executive board member, conferences, and even the potential to earn a certificate in leadership development. Look below to see the many opportunities available to all residents on the University of Arizona campus.

Hall Involvement Team (HI Team) is a group of Arizona Wildcats that get to move into their residence halls early in order to be the welcoming team for the rest of the campus.  The week-long HI Team program includes four days of leadership training with the U of A Residence Hall Association and three days of campus move-in. During HI Team student leaders work with families to move students and their belongings into the residence halls on campus-wide move-in days.

Hall Leadership Conference occurs in the fall and is held on campus. At HLC, students will develop and present a roll call, attend many beneficial workshops, and overall strengthen their leadership skills. 

Here at Spring Leadership Camp, Hall Councils will have the opportunity to bond, learn how to grow as individuals, and work as a team, all-expenses-paid. This includes kayaking, ropes courses, and leadership development at Friendly Pines Camp in Prescott, AZ. 

March 20-22, 2020