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RHA Election Info!

Elections for the 2023-2024 year are CLOSED.

2024-2025 Election Info will be available here soon!

Interested in becoming a student leader on campus, improving residential life and building communities? Consider joining the RHA Executive Board!


Annually, RHA holds elections for positions on the Executive Board during our General Body meetings. This process begins every spring and is coordinated by the RHA Parliamentarian! Each position has certain requirements and positions must be bidded for accordingly. The current Parliamentarian holds a variety of election information sessions, produces material and guides for anyone who is interested. 

Below is a guide for positional information, election requirements, and the process to begin!

If you have questions or have any interest in running, please email for more information!

Benefits of being on the Executive Board?

In addition to building your leadership experience on your resume you will be able to get individualized merchandise, host events, have a positional budget for campus and hall wide events and be able to support the Executive Board with business affairs with Housing and Residential Life Professional Staff!!

All RHA Executive Board positions are COMPENSATED. They receive 

- A housing stipend that covers up to a tier two double room (ex: Any tier two double room such as a double in Gila would be covered)

- A CatCash stipend!

We encourage those interested in the RHA Parliamentarian position to also be a Resident Assistant as their positional duties are not as demanding and have a different compensational amount! 



- Maintains contact with other organizations as well as pro-staff.

- Understands all positions and what they do so that they know how to guide and help.

- Must have at least one semester of experience on the RHA Executive Board



- Must have at least one semester of E-board experience 


- Leads and puts together workshops, conferences such as Hall Leadership Conference and Spring Leadership conference

- Organizes and puts together the annual Hall Involvement Team

- Coordinates training and development on the RHA Executive Board


- Creates marketing for the RHA organization

- Maintains the RHA website and instagram page

- Oversees the hall council marketing

- Takes requests of marketing from others


- Maintains communication with the national and regional boards

- Plans and oversees conferences as well as who goes.

- Organizes and coordinates spirit and spirt points for the General Body 

- Facilitates regional and national recognition with Of The Months!


- Keeps / maintains communication with hall councils and the Executive Board

- Coordinates with the Executive Brd about hall buddies

- Keeps communication with Community Directors

- Coordinates with RA mentors 

- Has a Hall Council Roster and maintains its updates with Community Directors


- Keeps in contact with hall councils and Community Directors

- Maintains all RHA equipment and equipment requests

- Maintain the leadership office for three organizations

- Coordinates the use of RHA's inventory and supply needs


- Maintains all of the RHA budget as well as the hall council budgets

- Meets with hall councils about sponsorship presentations

- Insures purchases among the Executive Board, hall councils and among student staff are used adequately and properly!


- Creates and executes events and programs for the campus

- Keeps in contact and works with other organizations to create wide scale events

- Spearheads the leading of many campus wide events as well as the RHA End of the Year Banquet!


- Helps President lead General Body meetings

- Understand Roberts Rules Unbiased member of the E-Board

*Note this is an appointed position, not an elected one. The RHA Executive Board appoints this individual after all the other positions/elections have concluded

The Election Process - How to run!

The RHA parliamentarian of the current year will share out an interest form to all residents. All interested members will receive more information about how to apply, bid and run.


The process roughly looks like this!

1. Submit an interest form

2. Attend General Body meeting on nomination days (view calendar)

3. Get nominated

4. Attend election info sessions, times sent out via email/Geneva by the Parliamentarian

5. Submit your bid (ON TIME)

6. Edit any items on your with bid revisions sent you by the Parliamentarian

7. Show up on your election day! (Good luck!)

Residents who are interested *must* attend election information sessions that further explains the process! 

Applications and interest forms will open LATE FALL. If you do not see any information posted here, please contact the Parliamentarian! 

Any campaigning or election sponsoring is not allowed, any evidence of this will revoke your election bid.

Spring 2023 Election Schedule (Example)

- 26th: PRES & NCC Nominations 
- 3rd: PRES & NCC Bids due by noon/ 12:00 PM
- 16th: PRES & NCC Election Day and DBA & DTD Nominations
- 24th: DBA & DTD Bids due by noon/ 12:00 PM 

- 2nd: HCC & DP Nominations 
- 16th: DBA & DTD Election Day 
- 17th: HCC & DP Bids Due by noon/ 12:00 PM
- 23rd: DM & DO Nominations 
- 30th: HCC & DP Election Day 
- 31st: DM & DO Bids due by noon/ 12:00 PM

- 13: DM DO Election Day and Special Nominations
- 17th: Special Bids due 
- 27th: Special Elections 

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