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Hall Council Positions

There are many positions available to sign up for in order to give everyone the opportunity to find a leadership role that they find appealing! Please refer below to see all of the available positions and descriptions about them, if you have any questions please contact the Hall Council Coordinator!

We have specified positions in order to give every member of hall council who desires it access to a leadership position and a functioning role within the team. The idea is that if you know what your role is, then you will have a much easier time working within your group. There is always the option to be a general body member if you do not want a specific position but would rather have a more general one. You will still be able to do all of the things that any other position could do, but you won’t have an assigned role.


If you are not sure which one you want to pick a good start is to read through the position descriptions and get an idea of what they entail. Talk with your friends about which ones sound good, and then narrow it down from there. You are allowed to apply for up to three different positions, so you have lots of options!

Positions Available

  • President
  • National Communications Coordinator
  • Director Of Business Administration​
  • Director Of Training And Development
  • Hall Council Coordinator
  • Director Of Programming
  • Director Of Marketing
  • Director Of Operations
  • Parliamentarian
  • General Body

To get a more accurate and detailed view of what each position does click here!

Note that positions vary and can be adjusted based on each hall and each 
hall council structure, talk to your community director about it!

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