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Hall Council Buddies

now updated!

Hall Council buddies are RHA executive board members who serve as a resource for hall councils and general body. They participate in hall council meetings and assure residents, as well as hall councils, are growing into a strong body of leaders! Each RHA E-Board member is delegated to a few hall councils and should be the point of contact for your hall council!

Feel free to reach out to your buddies for any questions you have! 


Historic Lane Hall Council (HSLN):

Amaya (DP)

Manzanita-Mohave Hall Council (MZMO):

Isra (DM)

Cochise-Yavapai Hall Council (COYA):

Kavya (DTD)

Babcock Hall Council (BABC): 

Amaya (DP)


Coronado Hall Council (CORO):

Chaz (HCC)

Arizona-Sonora (AZSO):


Arbol De la Vida (VIDA):


Kaibab-Huachuca (KAHU): 

Rylee (DO)


 Villa Del Puente Council 

Elizabeth (DBA)

Posada San Pedro Council 

Elizabeth (DBA)

Pueblo De La Cienega

Chaz (HCC)

Hopi-Graham Greenlee Hall Council (HOGG):

Chaz (HCC)

Apache Santa Cruz Hall Council (ASPC):

Rylee (DO)

Napkin Hall Council - Likins, Colonia De La Paz, Navajo-Pinal Hall Council (NPKN): 

Esme (Pres)


Honors Village Hall Council (HNRV) :

 Isra (DM)

District Buddies

If an entire district would like RHA support, RHA E-Board members are also  delegated to aid the residential districts as a whole! Feel free to contact us together!

Historic District
Highland District
Park District
North District
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