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RHA Sponsorships

RHA offers the ability to fully fund events, up to $5000, that are campus-wide and cater to students living within the Residence Halls.

Sponsorship Guidelines


All sponsorships must adhere to the Sponsorship Guidelines outlined below and as stated in the RHA Constitution

  • The program must be open to and accessible to all residents living on campus

  • Must be submitting for a maximum of $5,000 from RHA, and no more than $2,500 from external sources

    • RHA cannot support any events that have a total budget greater than $7,500

  • A representative for the program must present to RHA General Body at least three weeks prior to the program

  • A representative for the program must present a second time to RHA General Body at the next meeting to answer questions and be present for the vote on the sponsorship

  • Complete the online Sponsorship Request Form 4 Mondays before the date of the Program which includes:

    • Presentation Materials

    • Itemized Budget

    • Sample Advertisement

  • The Sample Advertisement must properly utilize the RHA logo and other necessary logos

    • Logo use information or questions can be directed to the RHA Director of Marketing at An appointment with the Director of Business Administration prior to the initial presentation of the Sponsorship

  • An appointment with the Director of Business Administration no longer than twenty-one days after the program date

    • This appointment must be scheduled before the program occurs

    • All receipts and expenditures must be provided at this time

Policies & Regulations

If a community does not follow up with the Director of Business Administration within 21 days of the event, and/or does not turn in all receipts, the community will not be able to claim the approved funding. No exceptions will be made in this policy.


The right to a Sponsorship may be terminated at the discretion of the RHA General Body, RHA Executive Board, RHA Advisor, and/or Residence Life if any critical values or policies are violated. Questions and concerns regarding these policies should be directed to and the RHA Advisor.

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