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Hall Leadership Conference

Every year RHA takes Hall Council members to Hall Leadership Conference, free of charge. HLC is an opportunity for students to gain leadership experience, and take part in spirit opportunities during a fun-packed day. This year HLC will be held at the Education Building on October19th. 
If you are attending HLC, it is up to you and your fellow HLC delegates to coordinate times that work for all of you to meet! 

Roll Call

The theme for RHA and, in turn HLC, this year is Space, and our tagline is "Blast Off With Leadership!". Just as a reminder on what Roll Call is essentially a dance, chant, skit etc. that represents a hall council. The ideas are endless!  Costumes are highly encouraged and can be purchased with your respective HC budgets. There will be a first, second, and third place winners for Roll Call this year, so I highly encourage your hall councils to come up with fun and engaging Roll Calls!


Some guidelines for Roll Call:

- Roll Calls must be appropriate and not offensive in any way.

- Roll Calls must not exceed 4 minutes in length.

- If your hall council uses audio in any form, you must send it to Max Haley at in an MP3 file by Friday, October 18th at 11:30 AM. Since we will be at camp and will not have access to reliable internet, it is important that these are sent to Max so we have a hard downloaded copy to bring with us.


Buttons are a super awesome way to represent your hall's personality. You can fit them towards RHA and HLC's theme of "Blast Off With Leadership!" or you can design them to represent your hall in any way you see fit. Buttons are highly encouraged and can be purchased with your respective HC budgets as well. Making buttons as a delegation is also a super fun way to bond!