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Hall Leadership Conference

Every year RHA hosts Hall Leadership Conference for all residents, free of charge. HLC is an opportunity for students to gain leadership experience, and take part in spirit opportunities during a fun-packed day. This year HLC will be held at the Education Building, in Room 211 on Saturday, October 28th. 

If you are apart of hall council - at least two members MUST attend!

HLC 2023.png

HLC 2022!

What is the benefit of going to HLC?

By attending the conference, students will be able to (SWBAT)...


  • Connect with campus partners to learn about the resources they offer to students

  • Identify programs that they can implement in their dorms with their hall council

  • Develop and hone in on leadership skills and qualities that can be translated back into the dorm environment

  • Earn spirit points for their hall councils

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