Cassette Tape

Mixtapes - Of the Weeks! 

A Mixtape (also known as an OTW) is a great way to recognize people, events and communities on campus. They don’t take long to write, and they could win on the campus level at the next RHA General Body meeting! Below are the guidelines and submission forms for Mixtapes! If you have any questions, contact our National Communications Coordinator (NCC), Angelina Fusitua at

Mixtape Submission

  1. Click on the Form!

  2. Work with your Hall Council to write about your nominee. 

  3. Submit the Mixtape through the button below before Tuesday at 5pm  (any submitted after this time will go to next the RHA General Body Meeting)

  4. The winning Mixtape will be decided at the next RHA General Body Meeting


It’s always fun to recognize other halls on campus!

Remember, your hall can only submit one Tidal Wave per category per week!

Of The Months

Of The Months, affiliated with our sister organization NRHH, are a great way to recognize people and things that have pogged you right out of your gourd this month! Submit them through the NRHH website, then screenshot your submission and send it to the NCC to get Spirit Points!