Cosmic Wonders

A Cosmic Wonder (also known as an OTW) is a great way to recognize people, events and communities on campus. They don’t take long to write, and they could win on the campus level at the next RHA General Body meeting! Below are the guidelines and submission forms for Cosmic Wonders. If you have any questions, contact our National Communications Coordinator (NCC), Kiana Donato at

Cosmic Wonder Submission

  1. Choose a nominee for one of the three categories.

  2. Work with your Hall Council to write about your nominee. Cosmic Wonders may be no longer than 100 words.

  3. Submit the Cosmic Wonder by clicking on the category below before Wednesday at 2 pm (any submitted after this time will go to next the RHA General Body Meeting)

  4. The winning Wonder will be decided at the next RHA General Body Meeting


It’s always fun to recognize other halls on campus!

Remember, your hall can only submit one Cosmic Wonder per category per week!

This could be a resident, hall council member, RA, or staff member.
Any event hosted on campus for students. 
Anything that doesn't fit in the other two categories.

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