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All About Bids & Bid Vault

What is a bid?

A bid is a presentation that gives some information about you and why you would like your position. This should be some form of slideshow - you can use any software to create the bid, but it must be accessible via either Powerpoint or Google Slides once you complete the bid. It can contain any relevant experience and qualifications you have, but there are a few key components to every bid:

  • Which Position you are running for.

  • The Theme should be apparent throughout your bid and can be whatever you would like! You can pick anything you are interested in and weave it through your bid.

  • The Personal Letter is a statement that you make to your dorm about your motivations for running and hopes for your position

  • The Experiences section is a place to list any leadership roles or other experiences you have that you think help qualify you for your position. Every has something that they have done - it may just take some creative thinking to tie it to the position you are running for.

  • The Platforms section should contain three (3) primary goals for your position. What do you want to accomplish this school year? How will you get there? Try to think out of the box for this one!

  • You may put some fun facts about yourself that you think will be interesting, but please do not put your name on your bid.

  • A letter of support from anyone that is not on the RHA Executive Board or the advisors is HIGHLY reccomended.

Some ground rules:

  • Submit in either Powerpoint or Google Slides format.

  • Use respectful and appropriate language.

  • Make sure any images you use are appropriate.

  • Keep the bid around 6-7 slides long, not counting the title slide.

  • No campaigning. This means, please do not put up any sort of physical marketing in the dorms or attempt to get the other residents to vote for you by any sort of in-person or virtual marketing of yourself. 

Every bid will be reviewed before being added to the election forms and if anything is found to be inappropriate or incorrectly formatted it will either be removed or the reviewer may email you and ask you to edit your bid and resubmit it, depending on the situation. If in doubt, you can email to approve your bid before you submit it.


What if I don’t have Powerpoint or Google Slides?

Every UArizona student has University-provided access to Microsoft Office 365 and a Google account with your University email. You can visit to download Microsoft Office, use your University email to login at, and find IT support for these applications and more at


Where can I see a sample bid?

Here is a link to several sample bids for you to check out. Note that these are fictional people and any experiences that relate to people living or not are completely coincidental. 


Who can I contact if I have more questions?

The RHA Parliamentarian is your main point of contact for any and all election-related questions. The contact form for any emails/questions can be found here!

Access the RHA Bid Vault

If you'd like to see examples of election bids for the 2022-2023 year, please click the button below! Note - please do not copy/plagiarize any of this content. If there is evidence of this your bid submission will be removed. This vault is for you to have an idea on where to start!

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