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Hall Council and the General Body

Get to Know Us


The RHA Executive Board governs and connects over nineteen hall councils through programming, spirit, conferences, workshops, general body meetings and more!

RHA aims to support residents with opportunities in leadership, community, growth and other core values. We want to help start your journey as a resident, a hall council member, a student leader and even a future RHA Executive Board Member. 


What is Hall Council? 

Hall Council is a group of elected residents who are in charge of representing their respective Residence Hall. After being elected, these residents will represent their hall in RHA General Body meetings and have the opportunity to vote on sponsorships, raise spirit points, learn about resources such as conferences, events, workshops and more to share with their Hall!


Hall Councils also have a budget provided by RHA and opportunity to hold program for their dorm. With the help of their Community Director, they can also request for larger amounts of budget to program campus-wide and get involved with other organizations and clubs on campus. 

As a Hall Council member you have access to your hall's budget, RHA equipment, the aid and support of RHA Executive Board members and more! 


How do I join?

During the first weeks of school, your community director and RA's will advertise Hall Council meetings and times for residents to meet up and learn more! If you are interested in learning about Hall Council before or after this time frame, feel free to reach out to the RHA Executive Board or any of your dorm staff to get involved! It's never too late to get involved!

Benefits of joining Hall Council!

Many incoming freshman at the University of Arizona join hall council to start their journey in student leadership and getting involved around campus! This is an opportunity to connect with student and professional staff, get experience with programming and advocacy, meet new people and more!

Below are just some of the pathways you can take while being involved in hall council!



RHA Executive Board

Some of our Executive Board members start their journey from Hall Council. These individuals are elected into bigger positions that help program and plan activities Campus Wide! RHA E-Board works will all residents and its structure is built upon Hall Councils!

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 6.18.33 PM.png


Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants are in charge of bringing an inclusive leadership role to the halls and wings they work with, by being apart of Hall Council, experience in Hall setting and resident program are beneficial to taking the step to becoming an RA!



Desk Assistant

Desk Assistants are the welcoming face for every dorm - they aid residents with questions, residential concerns, resources and working with RAs to keep an safe, inclusive and well rounded environment for residents. Many RHA E-Board members and RAs also work as DAs and their experience in housing is well needed!

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