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RHA stands for the Residence Hall Association here at the University of Arizona. The operating structure of RHA is comprised of institutional hall councils. Each council is responsible for all residents in their respective areas. The office of RHA handles various campus-wide responsibilities.


Hall Councils are elected residents whom have the ability to plan programs, events, vote behalf of the residents residing in their residence hall and act as a liaison for RHA and the residents. RHA conducts business matters via housing and residential life as well as hosts events that are funded through resident fees! If you want to learn more about the RHA budget or Hall Councils, click those links!

All hall councils comprise the General Body of RHA. The governing body is overseen by the RHA President and eight (8) Executive Board members. This Executive Board is advised by the University of Arizona Residence Life Coordinator for Leadership Development and Engagement. 

RHA Executive Board

RHA President

National Communications Coordinator

Director of Business Administration

Director of Training & Development

Hall Council Coordinator

Director of Programming

Director of Marketing

Director of Operations

RHA Parliamentarian

The RHA Executive Board are elected student leaders who facilitate and organize programs, workshops, events, conferences in more while representing the residential body as well as acting as a liaison to Housing and Residential Life here at the University of Arizona campus. 

These student leaders work with housing staff as well such as Community Directors, Resident Assistants, Desk Assistants and more!

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Browse our website! The RHA website is complied for residents, students, and anyone interested alike! Feel free to hit the the shortcuts below to get started as well.


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