Due to to COVID 19 pandemic, we won't be allowing equipment to be checked out until further notice.

RHA offers various types of equipment that can be used across campus for programming. This service is free to Hall Councils, Residence Life Student and Professional Staff, and offered to organizations across campus at a small user cost.

Requesting Equipment

All requests must be made using the online form 2 weeks before the program. For larger programs, request your equipment ASAP. Equipment is on a first come first serve basis. If someone else requests a piece of equipment before you do, and your program conflicts, then it goes to the first requester. To prevent overuse of equipment, equipment requests may be denied. Please keep in mind there is a limited amount of check out availability per week. 

Outside Organization Fees

All outside organizations will be charged a usage fee for expendables of RHA equipment at the discretion of the Director of Operations. This is applicable to but not limited to equipment such as popcorn machine materials, snow-cone syrup, and cotton candy powder.

Picking up Equipment

If your request is approved, the Director of Operations will set up a meeting with you to pick up the equipment. Most pickups will occur at the RHA Office during the E-board's office hours.

  1. Some of our equipment is larger and you must have a way to transport it. Remember, the RHA Office is in Likins so you need to plan accordingly. 

  2. Please be punctual when picking up equipment. If you miss your appointment, you will forfeit your claim to the equipment and a strike will be assessed against your Hall/Organization. To avoid this, please contact the Director of Operations 24 hours before the appointment at


*If you are more than 15 min. late to an equipment check out you will receive a strike*

Using Equipment

Once equipment leaves the RHA's possession it is your hall’s/organization's responsibility. Please use the equipment properly. Improper use of RHA's equipment may result in a strike and/or damage fees. Please ask if you aren’t sure how to use the equipment.

Returning Equipment

If the equipment is returned dirty or damaged a strike will be assessed against your Hall/Organization and a fee will be charged. For dirty equipment, it will be a $25.00 flat fee for all equipment and damages as needed for repairs. If an appointment to return is missed without a 24-hour warning to the Director of Operations, a strike will be assessed against your Hall/Organization. 

*If you are more than 15 min. to an equipment return you will receive a strike*

Strike System

Strikes are ultimately up to the discretion of the RHA Executive Board. If a Hall/Organization has two strikes assessed against them in one academic semester, their equipment checkout privileges will be suspended for the remainder of the semester.