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The Month's Events

The Residence Hall Association of the University of Arizona utilizes different marketing tactics throughout our programs, workshops, events via flyers and the RHA Instagram!

Please keep in mind that any program receiving funding from RHA must have the RHA Logo, whether that be a campus-wide program or a hall council program.

If you would also like to request marketing from RHA - you are able to do so!!

If you have any questions please contact the Director of Marketing at! Check back here for updates and information about ongoing programs.

For this months' event calendar please click here!

Want to request marketing from RHA?

If you are part of the RHA Executive Board and are requesting marketing please click below.

(Do NOT click the button if you are not part of the Executive Board)

If you are part of any other organization wants to request marketing (hall councils, other UA clubs, etc)

Do NOT click if you're part of the RHA E-Board

The Month's Events

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