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The Residence Hall Association holds, plans, and collaborates with other organizations every year for campus wide programs for the residents! Programming is a key value of RHA as we want to provide a time for resources, bonding, community, fun and more. Each year the Director of Programming plans events that the RHA Executive Board (and even residents!) can get involved in!

Programming also exists within the hall council space! If you are look for some guidance with hall council programming, look below!

If you're looking to get more involved, learn more and see our event calendar - continue to explore this section and do not be afraid to reach out to the Director of Programming for any questions! 


Programming Packet

Follow the link below for the programming packet information! It has great tools Hall Councils can use to successfully program!

Programmer Initiative

Work with Cats After Dark (CAD) and RHA to learn event planning skills, make new friends, and create events for students like you!

Find more information here:

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