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                       BUILDING LEADERS. 

U N I V E R S I T Y  O F  A R I Z O N A

RHA Next General Body!


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Through leadership, programming, and opportunities for growth and development, the University of Arizona Residence Hall Association strives to develop an educational, inclusive, sustainable, and social living environment for its residents. By promoting active participation in community development, RHA hopes to encourage a positive residential experience that builds communities and builds leaders.


Leadership Development

The University of Arizona Residence Hall Association works to create innovative and inspiring developmental opportunities for student leaders on campus to gain skills that make them contributors to the campus at large. RHA works to create an environment for students to raise the caliber of what it means to be a leader through team dynamics, individual strengths, and asking the bigger questions. 


Through inclusive, modern, and fun campus programs coordinated by the Residence Hall Association and its governing body, we work to educate students on greater campus needs. RHA produces signature needs that include complete student-ran events with careful planning and execution to send an impactful message. Through these programs, our student leaders develop skills and abilities that make their leadership intentional in their pursuits.   

Social Justice & Sustainability

The two core values of RHA are creating a socially just campus and implementing sustainable practices that contribute to the world. Inclusive language and creating an understanding that we live in a world of color is important in student endeavors. Student leaders within the residence halls are able to advocate for those minority identities. They are empowered to promote a life with a healthy and all-encompassing green Earth rooted at the University of Arizona. 

Where to find us


Easily accessible from anywhere within the University of Arizona,

our office is located right across from the Campus Recreation Center

and the famous Highland Market, attached to Likins Residence Hall.

RHA is the reason I continued succeeding at this university. I found a permanent home and family within my first year of being involved.


500 N. Highland Ave

Tucson, AZ 85719

Located in the Student Leadership Office by Likins

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